Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Just a couple of weeks: We shall find out which club Eritrean-Swede international star Alexander Isak will play in 2022-23

Just a couple of weeks: We shall find out which club Eritrean-Swede international star Alexander Isak will play in 2022-23

Starting off his professional career with AIK in Sweden in 2016, Alexander Isak played at Borussia Dortmund and Willem 2 before signing with Real Sociedad in 2019. A full Swedish international since 2017, he has won more than 30 caps for his country. He is also proud of his Eritrean upbringing in Sweden. He is deeply connected with his roots in Eritrea and always proud of his origin and identity. He has even been to Eritrea and has inspired many.

There is a huge buzz going on within the past few days about Alexander Isak. The highly touted Sweden national team player with Eritrean roots has been associated with so many rumors of transfers. Based on some information Eri-internationalsports has gotten there are many scenarios that could play out with his final destination. However, we will try to share the possibilities as no media outlet has any confirmed reports as of yet. The first scenario we think could happen is that he stays another year with his current team Real Sociedad where he can help revive his team and in the process continue to show the world that he is a Balon De’hor contender. The second and most talked about scenario at the moment is that the Saudi business influenced club in the premier league Newcastle United known as the Magpies are bidding and willing to spend the transfer money to acquire Alexander. The third scenario is he continues to be touted by Arsenal who have been after him for a few months now. The fourth scenario is one that just came out in the rumor circles this week. Manchester United may lose Ronaldo as he has an interest to go somewhere else and would let him go from his contract, leaving some potential funds to be able to get Alexander. The last scenario that we have heard could play out is that Liverpool are very much interested.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are also bidding for the young man who has had a great run with Real Sociedad in the past two years after leaving Willem 2 of Holland, where he also scored many goals to put him in a better position for La Liga. Alexander is a humble young man who ended up playing for Team Sweden, where he has been a big part of the national team program. He has scored 9 goals and he is the youngest ever goalscorer for both AIK and the Sweden national team.



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