Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Congratulations: Eritrean-American Basketball Coach Alexander Loul Syum becomes head basketball coach at Mount Hood C.C

Congratulations: Eritrean-American Basketball Coach Alexander Loul Syum becomes head basketball coach at Mount Hood C.C

The Mt. Hood Saints named alum Alex Loul Syum as the program’s head men’s basketball coach. Alexander is an MHCC alumnus and he played in the basketball program. He recently served as an assistant basketball coach at Clackamas Community College. Alexander has a deep basketball knowledge that will transform young people into excellent student-athletes. He brings a lot of experience at a global level, having served as a player development coach with the Singapore National Basketball Team.

He also served as head coach and head of player development for both Fastbreak Basketball Club and the United World College of Southeast Asia. Alexander also has become a strong advocate for Eritrean basketball and currently is working hard as a basketball ambassador of his home country of Eritrea where he assists with basketball opportunities including structuring, coordinating, and scheduling basketball camps. It is to be recalled that he traveled to Eritrea where he conducted a grassroots-level coaching opportunity for young and aspiring basketball players inside Eritrea.

“Alex is a gentleman of high integrity, and we are so excited to have him as a part of our program,” said athletic director Kim Hyatt. “He brings a lot of great experience to our program having coached and played in the NWAC as well as some international coaching experience.? Alex has great energy and has demonstrated a commitment to the academic success of our students and engaging with our community.”

Eri-internationalsports has been working with Alexander to promote and build a strong Eritrean basketball infrastructure by bringing players from inside and outside Eritrea. There will be a basketball showcase being held in Minnesota between August 5th and 7th, 2022 to bring together Eritreans from the diaspora and Alexander has been a big part of planning this project. He is a great organizer and leader and

Eri-internationalsports is proud to have him as a partner in the process of building a strong foundation at the international level for Eritrea. Meanwhile, we wish him the best as he pursues a great opportunity that will one day elevate him toward a great career as a basketball coach. He recently graduated with a master’s degree in Sports Psychology and brings a lot to the table for any organization. Wishing Alexander a great future.


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