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Eritrean athlete Mekdes Woldu making strides in France.

Eritrean athlete Mekdes Woldu making strides in France.

Mekdes Woldu was born in Eritrea one year after independence in October 1992. She competes in the track and field event and half marathon as well as marathon events. She started her career competing national and internationally for Eritrea. Mekdes quickly stood out by becoming one of Eritrea’s junior cross-country champion between 2009 and 2011. In 2010 she got an opportunity to participate in a competition in France where she was able to travel for the major 10K & 20K events where she broke a national record. Mekdes is clearly a caliber athlete who has big potential. She is in the prime of her career as she already has accumulated a few victories while she continues to live and train in France. She competes for the Entente Franconville Césame Val-d’Oise (Efcvo), club team as a professional.

Some of her major wins include the women’s 5000M in the French National Championships in 2016. In 2017 she was a second place finisher in the French national championships as well. Meanwhile she has been able to get respectable top 10 and top 20 finishes in different races around Europe. This year in February she took 15th place in the Barcelona marathon. She competes mainly in the 5000M as well as half marathon and cross country events.

One of her biggest wins came at the La Parisienne in 2019, as she did very well. She was able have to stay the course and face all the difficulties involved in the race. Even with some minor injuries she worked hard and stayed the course as she fought a strong fight in what was a long and tumultuous path to claim one of her best wins. In what is considered the biggest all-female race in Europe with 27,000 registered and 21,300 finishers running openly on the Champ-de-Mars, Mekdes representing her team Entente Franconville Césame Val-d’Oise (Efcvo), and won the La Parisienne race going through the Grand Palais , Concorde, Hôtel des Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. The proud Eritrean athlete edged Fadouwa Ledhem (Eacpa), who was the winner in 2018, by just a second .

Eri-internationalsports is proud to introduce a byproduct of the Eritrean up and coming track and field hopefuls as we congratulate Mekedes Woldu on her career path to becoming a top athlete.



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