Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Urgent: Merhawi Kudus must wear his Eritrean EF Education Jersey.

Urgent: Merhawi Kudus must wear his Eritrean EF Education Jersey.

Eri-internationalsports have got some very factual based information from very reliable sources that are consulting the Eritrean cycling team. According to our sources this complaint will not jeopardize Merhawi’s standing with his club EF Education. As Merhawi’s fans who follow his activities, it is important that we Eritreans and non-Eritrean must speak up for him on his behalf.

So what is happening and why is his National team championship jersey important. Here is the answer we got from our reliable source.

The situation is We don’t have much time Mera needs to have his jersey tomorrow to race on Tuesday If he doesn’t receive it tomorrow, the biggest probability is that he cannot race on Tuesday If he doesn’t race this week, his chances to go to Vuelta will be reduced.

Our reliable sources went on to add that:

If there’s no action from the team to solve the problem for Tuesday’s race, i think the National Federation as well as the Sports Commission should be involved.”

It is important to understand that Merhawi Kudus cannot comment on the situation, however, as fans we have every right to express our opinions. Even some officials from Eritrea who had been involved with the Cycling program have expressed their outrage. Time is of the essence here and we ask everyone to challenge the club EF Education by sharing this information. Eri-internationalsports, has also written a letter asking why this matter is not being resolved as soon as possible. We will share any new information that may come our way. Please share this information on social media and especially twitter where EF Education is proactive by adding the tag @efprocycling.

Let’s help our Eritrean national champion as he gets ready for his big events coming soon and we must demand that he not be unfairly treated by his own team. It is their responsibility to make sure that he wears that jersey so it does not affect his chances to race in the Vuelta Spain which is one of cycling’s prestigious Grand tours. The 2022 edition of the Vuelta a España consist of 21 day-long stages over a 23-day period that includes 2 rest days and is slated to start on August 19th ending in September 11th, 2022.

Let us do what we can to let his club officials understand that it is important to allow his jersey to be worn in his next race. While EF Education may have other plans of their own, the right thing to do is to allow the Eritrean national champion utilize his jersey to make sure he succeeds in all of his races.



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