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Alexander Isak: A shining example for all young people aspiring to be professional athletes.

Alexander Isak: A shining example for all young people aspiring to be professional athletes.

This is an opinion based article from Eri-internationalsports. We write this because it is important to look back at the great achievements of the Eritrean athletes that have done wonders in sports so that more young people can look up to those who are making history at the global stage. In November of 2016 while Eri-internationalsports was just a one page blog we wrote a long feature titled “Alexander Isak: The wonder kid with an Eritrean connection.” It was then that every football/soccer loving fan around the world including thousands and thousands of Eritreans first learned about this young man as he made his debut with AIK Stockholm. The article written six years ago when Alexander was just 16 years old can show us how far this young man has come. For the entire article from the blog you can go to this link:

The article shares information that inspires and time is gold as we see today Alexander Isak despite not playing for the teams that most Eritreans root for in the premiere league, he has created a niche for himself that will drive many fans to be Newcastle United fans. He will inspire others to join non-traditional clubs helping to create new dynasties in the world’s top soccer league. May be another young kid from Eritrea or any other African nation can do the same with the smaller teams and make the premiere league a league that allows underdogs to do wonders. Sorry Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Totenham and our own favorite Chelsea that the great young man Alexander decided to go to Newcastle United, but the league will only benefit because it can become stronger.

Meanwhile, the fact that young Alexander has been disciplined and focused is a matter of pride for all Eritreans as his upbringing in an Eritrean household has a lot to do with the way he was shaped. It is also important to appreciate the Swedish culture and people for allowing the young man to flourish as he continues to become the talk of the world. The Sweden Eritrean connection continues to do wonders as many great athletes of Eritrean heritage have become very successful in their sports careers. Newcastle United Football Club is not so bad after all for Alexander. The team based in Northeastern England was founded in 1892. The team plays it’s home matches at St. James Park in Newcastle with a capacity of 52,305. We hope to see Alexander become a legend and according to some reports he is there to stay for another 6 years. He will create his own iconic relationship and in the process educate the world and the British who take their soccer/football league seriously, how a young Swedish boy raised in an Eritrean family with Eritrean values has transformed their club into a great one.

Mike Seium for Erisports.


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