Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Johnny B (Berhanemeskel) making strides for a powerhouse Ukrainian Basketball team in 2023.

Johnny B (Berhanemeskel) making strides for a powerhouse Ukrainian Basketball team in 2023.

Eritrean-Canadian Johnny Berhanemeskel whose basketball career has seen him go around Europe is now playing for one of the top basketball teams in Europe. BC Budivelnyk Kyiv is a Ukrainian professional basketball club based in the capital Kiev. The club usually plays in the Super league of the country which is the top tier of basketball. The team had some problems in June of 2018 as it was forced to withdraw from the Super league due to financial problems. Two years later in 2020 the club came back to compete again. The historically strong club holds a record ten Ukrainian championships and three Ukrainian Cups, as well as a Soviet championship which they won 1989.

It is to be recalled that Eri-internationalsports reported last week that another Eritrean Dutch footballer/Soccer player Hennos Asmelash made his career in Ukraine last season until the conflict began with Russia. Meanwhile, Johnny was traded to a club in Lithuania until he was traded to BC Budivelnyk. The club currently plays in the Balkan league. The Balkan International Basketball League, also known as the Balkan League, is a multinational professional basketball league that features mostly clubs from the Balkans. The league included teams from Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Israel.

The Eritrean Canadian stays busy through out the year. During the summer months he makes his way back to Ottawa where he plays in the Canadian Professional league. Johnny was in the top 3 of the best scorers last year in the French Premier basketball league and so far he seems to be one of the top scorers for his new Ukrainian club. The club makes its home in Italy and Johnny Berhanemeskel does not live in Ukraine, but in Italy, not far from Rome. Based in Véroli, the team plays its home matches for the 2023 season as they continue to perform both in the European Cup and other competitions. The former star for Roanne in France continues to shine as his ability to score has set him apart every place he goes. He is very fond of his Eritrean roots and has desire to help progress basketball in Eritrea in the future. Eri-internationalsports wishes Johnny a continued success as he plays for his new Ukrainian club based out of Italy for now.



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