Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Merhawi Kudus wins National Road Race & Natnael Tesfatsion captures under 23 title.

Merhawi Kudus wins National Road Race & Natnael Tesfatsion captures under 23 title.

Merhawi Kudus was in top form as he gets to the podium in the Road race trial of the Eritrean National Championships. Merhawi wins the 171.7 km men elite competition by riding at an average of 43.3 km per hour. He becomes Eritrea’s national champion of 2022. He won by going ahead of Natnael Tesfatsion (Drone Hopper-Androni Giocattoli), in what was a very exciting race. Natnael stayed close for most of the course to the more experienced cyclist as he finished second to Merhawi. Meanwhile the current international star Biniam Girmay had some minor difficulties and did not get the results he expected. One of the great parts about this race is that more cyclists are starting to bloom in Eritrea as Natnael Tesfatsion finished second and the young Niat Russom, from EriTel Club wins third place showing some signs of brilliance. As a result Niat Russom becomes champion of under 23 category. Milkias Kudus and Samson Habte from Eri-Tel Club also finished second and third place respectively in the youth category.

In the women’s elite and under 23 category that covered 110 km Monaliza Araya from the Southern region of Eritrea became the winner of the Gold Medal while Kisanet Woldemicael from Serair Sawa Club and Adiam Dawi from Denden Club became winners of Silver and Bronze Medals respectively. Eritrea’s Road Cycling Championship 2022 which started with the time Trial competition in Asmara on Friday June 24th, 2022 concluded today with the Road Race. 

Contributions from Ministry of Information.

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