Wednesday, March 22, 2023
It’s Final Eritrean National Team Player Ezana Kahsay signs with second tier Polish team Motor Lublin FC.

It’s Final Eritrean National Team Player Ezana Kahsay signs with second tier Polish team Motor Lublin FC.

A week and half ago Eritrean- American Ezana Kahsay a member of the Eritrean National team was given an opportunity to try out with a premier league club in Poland. He did not disappoint as he played well coming from a lower division team where he had incredible seasons back to back as a scoring machine. It is to be recalled that Ezana graduated from the University of Akron, where he played 3 years in the final four of college soccer’s biggest event. Out of the three years one of the games was in the finals of the NCAA where the Akron Zips lost to the University of Maryland Terps.

After agreeing to work with TiDi Sports Management a partner of Eri-internationalsports ( he joined the NPSL’s Virginia Beach FC where he was able to excel quickly scoring a goal in almost every game he played during the 2019 season. His opportunity within the USA were limited, so Eri-internationalsports along with Tidisports decided to connect him with partners in Europe, where he was able to connect with a lower division club in the Polish football (soccer) structure.

Ezana doing amazing things during his stint at Virgina Beach FC

Working hard and focusing on his goals Ezana was able to impress a couple of clubs as soon as he started to get his opportunities. He did not slow down and kept his stamina and hard work going further as he started to play with a 3rd division club known as Chełmianka Chełm where he lead his team to success despite not moving up to the next level in the 2021-22 season.

Ezana known as “Izi” by the fans in Poland stayed within Eastern Poland in the city of Lublin the 9th largest city in the country with a population of about 360,000. His new club Motor Lublin FC was created in 1950 by motor company employees and have switched between the premier league and second league of the Polish football structure. The fan base is huge and the club plays in the 15,000 seat stadium of Lublin where Ezana will get an opportunity to shine.

Ezana this weekend, proving himself as a top notch player for Motor Lublin FC (his newest Team).

Ezana also represented the Eritrean national team in the last world cup qualifying game against Namibia. Eri-internationalsports worked with Ezana to get him the opportunity. Ezana’s uncle was also once a part of the Eritrean national team and his father also played for one of the top clubs in the Eritrean premiere league. Ezana is ready to represent Eritrea once again as the ENFF continues to restructure and improve the national team program. Meanwhile in Poland this is what the team’s head coach had to say after a great trial.

He is a footballer with unconventional skills who convinced us that he can do something out of nothing. He is everywhere on the pitch, and his shooting instinct can give the team a lot of good “- coach Stanisław Szpyrka compliments the forward.

Eri-internationalsports and TiDi sports wish Ezana much success as he continues to shine and pay his dividends to get to the top. He serves as a classic example of how you can pursue your dreams by working hard and being patient. Ezana has also completed his college degree and has plans to be successful in the sports industry with his degree in Sports management from the University of Akron.

Eri-internationalsports will keep you posted of Ezana’s new season with Motor Lublin FC which starts next Sunday in the 2nd League. the team from Lublin will play against Garbarnia Kraków which is a power house in the 2nd tier and have also been going back and forth to the top league of Polish football.



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