Wednesday, March 22, 2023
| in collaboration with has been able to create a specially made jacket that is a collectors item. These jackets go for a very pricey cost of $400 per jacket. However, through our relationship with, whom we have a strong relationship with to help us enhance sports wear throughout Eritrea and Africa we will be able to get your orders for $199.00.

The very popular stylish jacket made famous in the USA many decades ago continues to be one of the best sports jackets that continues to transcend generations. It is with this in mind that the leather made special jacket designed to show the strength and self reliance of the Eritrean people through its unique appearance was created. You can buy it for others be it inside or outside Eritrea. It is a great way to preserve history and share the incredible struggle for freedom of the Eritrean people. It is also a way to support a new brand known as that will help develop sports and culture in our community.

Orders are now priced at $199.00. Get yours today! If you like the jackets you can contact us and we will take your orders but we only start the process of making them after a minimum 12 starting orders. These Jackets are good for fall, winter and spring and are made in the USA by minority owned manufacturers. The combination leather and satin jacket with the historic and legendary art of the picture of the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front freedom fighters carrying their flag on a mountain top make it too good to pass up. Hurry up and order soon! 

You can reach us at with your orders and the amount you want.